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*Music Submission Deadline for ANYC 2024 is July 10, Wednesday 11:59pm AEST. Failure to submit your music(s) before this time will result in the possiblity of not being able to compete.

Thank you for your understanding!

Upload your Prelim/Final music for ANYC 2024. Please submit your music in MP3 format (please refrain from submitting in wav or m4a format). If you submit more than one song, the last upload song will be used.

Music must be suitable for an audience of all ages (including young children and their parents). Contestants who use inappropriate music with inappropriate words in all languages, obscene language, and inappropriate lyrical content explicit and implied may be disqualified by judges. Music Submission Name Template Examples:

Championship Divisions 1A prelims - Name

1A finals - Name 2A finals - Name 3A finals - Name

4A finals - Name

5A finals - Name

Amateur Divisions

Amateur 1A - Name

X Division - Name

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