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The Rise and Rise of Australian Yo-Yoing

Updated: Jun 13

Well our State Regional Yo-Yo competitions have now been held and we extend our sincere congratulations to the winners being:

From New South Wales               Allon Chen

From South Australia                    Vu Ho

From Victoria                                Dean Kroll  

These State champions now move onto the 1A Pro Finals of ANYC 2024 where they compete directly against the current defending Australian National Yo-Yo champion Brandon Vu for the coveted Australian National title.  

ANYC 2024 is expected to be the biggest and best this year as the interest and participation in the sport of yo-yoing in Australia grows at a blistering pace.

Touted as the “third oldest toy in the world” (right behind dolls and balls) the Australian yo-yo movement has always been very strong with active participation not just from children but from teenagers, adults and in recent times professional yo-yo players. Some dedicated players train for over six hours daily, elevating yo-yo to a professional sport. In Australia, some players make a lucrative living solely from yo-yo, playing full time.

Of course, during the Covid years like everything else there was a slowdown in yo-yo activity in Australia due to the lockdowns. However as soon as it was over, the yo-yoing movement not only regained lost ground but grew to unprecedented heights with the largest player attendance recorded ever at ANYC 2023 with around 60 registered competitors. Over the course of the year, Australian yoyo players have skilled up significantly, fueled by:

1) Monthly yo-yo meets in each Australian state,

2) Regional yo-yo competitions initiated by AYYF President Stuart Brown,

3) Keen parents who are actively looking for a physical activity to give their children a healthier alternative from their i-pads and other gaming devices.

4) Creation of state of the art yo-yos in Australia by Australian yo-yo companies such as Werrd and Offset Yoyo which has taken on the international yo-yo market by storm.

Some of our new creations include:

  1. bi-metal yo-yos,

  2. DNA designed friendly yo-yos and

  3. wider yo-Yos (above 50mm) which is enabling extremely difficult and complex yo-yo tricks to be performed at lightning speeds. In addition to the above, the level of dedication, passion and commitment in Australian yo-yos players has been elevated to international standards as our people :

  4. use online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to learn and emulate advanced tricks from talented players from other parts of the world.

  5. embrace the visits of international players to our shores such as former world champion (x2) Gentry Stein from the US, former World Champion Marcus Koh from Singapore and Xavier Ng the current Singaporean National yo-yo champion.

  6. Compete at yo-yo competitions all around the world and “rub shoulders” with the best in the world.

The rise of Australian yo-yoing does not look like retreating or subsiding any time soon. In fact we predict it to go from strength to strength as Australia takes its place on the world stage as a young but awesome yo-yoing nation that produces state of the art yo-yos and creates some of the best yo-yo players in the world. One day soon, we hope and expect Australia to host the World Yo-yo contests here on our shores. We have certainly earned that right.

Whether you are a beginner in yo-yos or a player of international standing, ANYC 2024 is definitely for you. It represents the heart and soul of the Australian yo-yoing community. Here you will meet other like minded Australians who share the same love and passion of yo-yos.

So come along and have a great day on Saturday 13 July 2024 and meet your fellow Aussie yo-yo players. We guarantee you will have a great time, learn a lot and further your love of yo-yos.

See you all there !

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